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Best shots WINNER of the animal section 2013

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Best Shots Finalist 2013
Over 8,000 photographs that were 'uploaded' into Best Shots. Each image was assessed by three different judges and given a score of up to 100 points. These three scores were then added together to determine an aggregated total for the First Round.

The top scoring photographs from each category, 770 in total, were then chosen for the Final Round of Judging which took place on Friday, 24th May.

The final team of judges selected the 100 finalists who will appear in the Best Shots Exhibition, with the winning images going on tour around Great Britain till Feb 2014.

The 100 finalists were nnounced on 1st July and the cash prize winners, on 14th July, when the Best Shots Exhibition openend to the public at The Station in Richmond, North Yorkshire, England.